Camaron Caribe: Aji beer battered shrimp, cilantro-potato-curry fritters, jalapeƱo aioli, sweet chili sauce, pickled onions, micro cilantro. $15

Ceviche: A traditional South American ceviche, fish, calamari, scallops, shrimp in a cilantro-yellow aji Amarillo sauce, cilantro, corn tortilla chips. $16

Chile en Nogada: Roasted poblano pepper, glass fed beef, toasted almonds, apple, raisins, shallots, roasted peppers, grilled apple walnut sauce, pomegranate glazed, micros. $14

empanadas mendocinas: Grass fed beef, raisins, boiled egg, peas, green olives, white onions, cilantro, roasted corn, yellow aji sauce, fennel slaw. $14

empanadas potosinas: Guajillo marinated chicken, roasted corn, black beans, chihuahua cheese, cilantro, nopales, mole verde. $14

Guacamole: Fresh avocado, yellow & red tomatoes, red onion, roasted tomato salsa, micro cilantro and homemade tortilla chips. $13

Pinchos: Dock confit roasted potatoes, grilled chimichurri beef tenderloin tips, mole negro, fennel slaw. $12


Arugula: Baby arugula, kale, roasted beets, raspberries, candied nuts, pomegranate-orange vinaigrette, goat cheese crumbs. $13

campesino: Yellow & red vine ripe tomatoes, seared panela cheese, cilantro infused oil, tamarind-balsamic glaze, micro greens. $13

Loreto Salad: Baby spinach, baby arugula, strawberries, fennel, honey-ginger vinaigrette, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, smoke mozzarella. $13

Platos Fuertes

Arroz a la Gallega: Saffron bombs rice, pepper, onion, shrimp, fish, calamari, scallops, mussels, tomatoes, cooked in a saffron tomato sauce. $30

bife de chorizo: Argentine style grass fed steak, gorgonzola, garlic herb fries, artichokes, asparagus, red peppers, drizzled with chimichurri. $34

borrego: Sherad New Zealand rack of lamb, carrots-leeks sauce, caramelized Brussels sprouts, kale, confit potatoes, pineapple-pear compote. $34

Conchas: Ancho cardamon crusted scallops, beet risotto, spinach, saffron cauliflower, creamy leek sauce, caramelized pineapple, tangerine oil. $30

jardinero: Vegetable cous-cous, saffron tomato sauce, grilled asparagus,mashrooms ragout, micros. $24

lubina: Avocado-pistachio crusted stripe bass, mustard-yellow ahi cream potatoes, kale-baby spinach, pear- apple-fennel slaw. $32

Mar y Tierra: Smoke pimenton marinated beef tenderloin tips, herb marinated prawns, citron grilled asparagus, Argentinian potatoes mustard salad, red wine fig gastric, micros. $34

Mero: Roasted butternut squash risotto, cashew crusted barramundi, cranberries, grilled carrots, piquillo sauce, caramelized shallots relish. $30

Pollo Adobado: Spanish adobo marinado chicken, piquillo sauce, duck confit baby potatoes, mushrooms & caramelized shallots, grilled asparagus, red wine apple-pear compote, citron oil. $26


Chocolate mousse cake: Chocolate mousse, cajera crema, raspberries couli. $9

churros: Cinnamon-ash sugar, ginger-honey ice cream, rum chocolate ganache. $9

Citrus cream pie: Vanilla bread crumbs, roasted ginger-pear sauce, citrus cream, vanilla cream. $9